Thursday, August 19, 2010

Living in Fear or Faith??


It's the most important question of our lives that we never face out of the possible answers that we already know in our conscious. We, as humans, and as responsible members of society have learned to hide the truth and keep living in fear without a rationale.

What am I talking about? I am talking about the biggest faith system on this planet. We all call it GOD. Some of the research questions worth asking here are as follows:

/who is God?

/why do we believe in God?

The answer that we all deny and are terrified is that God finds its origin from the fear within ourselves. And God itself is a systematic fear within us. The fear that something bad will happen if we don't do things according to what is prescribed by his agents, priests or others. Most of us want to please God by being at its place, temple, church, mosque or Gurudwara.

Lets create a hypothetical situation to understand God better. For every good thing, there is an equal amount of bad thing. If there is God, there is the Devil. And both of them are equally powerful. For if God is more, then it will reign and there will be no bad influences or people. If Devil is more powerful, then Devil will reign. So we agree that both are equally powerful. If they are equally powerful, then why place our belief in God, why not in Devil. As God tests us, but Devil's test is easy to pass and you will be rewarded wonderfully. Confused !! not try to deny the argument without thinking it over.

Its our culturally built system that automatically denies anything being said against so called God.

There is God and there is Devil, but they reside within our mind and within our thoughts. They don't need a separate temple or place of worship. Your conscious is your God, or it can be your Devil depending on the choices you make. We all reap fruits of our own doings. God is neither a forgiver nor a punisher. It won't punish you and it won't reward / forgive you either. If that was the case, every terrorist, rapist, criminal will be the biggest worshippers. You just pray a million times to be forgiven for a murder, a rape or any crime.

Think again about what you believe in and what's your belief system. Don't believe in anything without a rationale. Believe in God is not bad, until it reaches the point of superstition and denial of the logic. No belief system or faith system guides you when you don't believe in it but fear it. Do not be fearful, be rational and faithful.


Metis said...

I agree with your views. The genesis of God is in the fear of unknown. Whenever primitive men came across anything mysterious and they didn't know the rationale behind it, they would create a God. A god of rain, sun etc.

I just want to add to it that we don't need to know if God exists or not, but we need to keep a faith mechanism alive, otherwise this world would come into a state of anarchy.

It would be hard for some people to digest that this world is governed by randomness and probability and not some God. Coz if there is really some God out there, how is he going to justify the sufferings of innocent men, women and children catching deadly diseases or meeting fatal accidents in a total random manner with no correlation between the hours they devote in praying and the sufferings they go through. How would he justify the pleasures of blood sucking politicians and policemen while hard working, honest and God fearing people sometimes don't even have enough to feed there families.

Vikas Vashisht said...

you may be right, but you are looking at a biased view. we are no one to decide whether sufferings for a particular person are right or wrong. we are no one to judge one's innocence. crime doesnt have to be a practical entity, it thrives in your thoughts. so a rapist or a killer is as criminal a person, as the ones who might not be doing it, but are thinking about it.
trusting in theory of karma, police and politicians are supposed to do what they are doing and thats not according to societal law. societal law is made by us for our convenience. it doesnt make one a bad person and another good.
police and politicians are doing what they came to do.
anything is wrong not because society calls it. it is wrong if your conscious doesnt allow it. a politicians conscious allows him to be corrupt and so he is.
god fearing people are always stuck between the concept of right and wrong and in this race, they trust every single word of their so called Guru or priest.
they might do things which are against their conscious and hence they suffer.

last but not the least, we cant deny the existence of god in the same way we cant accept.........because there is no empirical proof for either of the two :)

Riya said...

It is imbecile to talk about the the existence of cosmic energy(GOD)so is the fact that There is complete randomness in operation of Nature.Anything which cant be decrypted or deciphered is easily converted as Noise.but that doesn't imply that chaos is illogical...Every Action has a reaction,As you sow so shall you what governs our lives....We all get to make our choices in order to determine the graph of our life.there are certain minimal benchmark created for each process..The less the variance the better the result...THis when applied to our life turns out as..Right from the time we are born..for each process if Our deviation percentage is low...We can live a happy life.
In a gist...We are replica of the supreme strength and if we truly justify our lives...Net objective set by HIM can be achieved...