Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Best Friend.............

Well, there is no prize to the guessers as the obvious answer is Dhruv Sharma. He is the one I am always in conflict with and that’s something that I like and enjoy the most. He is always against me whenever there is a discussion.
I don’t know where to start from, so I will start from scratch. When I entered the university, I was the hot favorite amongst the girls of our class. Enough said, I was close to the only babe of the class and Dhruv and company (Rastogi log) always thought of me as a girl chaser. I wasn’t. Initially, Dhruv and I were arch rivals. The very sight of each other……….we felt like punching each other hard in the face and kicking his ass hard. I don’t exactly know how and when we bonded. Dhruv was the only hosteler in our class, so ragging or night out parties meant that we had to stay with him. May be it was my stay in the hostel that led me know him better and bond us better.
I am sorry, but I am sounding a bit gay to myself at this moment. For those, who doubt me…………….i am getting married this year. Coming back to the original topic, Diwakar Rastogi…………(I always believed that he is not from this planet, and believe me if there is life on any other planet than earth…….its his home planet). He acted as catalyst, a platform for our friendship.
I think the first time Dhruv and I get to know each other was Aaghaaz nite at University. It was freshers party organized by the student council of Panjab University and it meant all our classmates (boyz only) night together at the hostel. I had alcohol for the first time that night along with my dear friend Abhishek and the rest of the political party representatives from our department. Dhruv doesn't drink…………neither do I (now). Well, like every male classmate Abhishek's heart was pumping only for the babe of our class………and since she was closest to me in the class in terms of talking, having lunch and nothing else…….he doubted that I am also flirting with her. Let me be honest here, since I entered University I had only loved a single girl to whom I am going to get married this year……everyone knows this still everyone thinks I was flirting with the babe of our class. After getting drunk, Abhishek abused me and punched me very dramatically. Dramatically ?? Yeah, because his punches werent actually hitting me hard, it was only the voice of 'dhishum' from his mouth that hurt my ears. He was drunk and I wasn’t. I told Dhruv to take this guy off me before I hit him really hard and Dhruv did the same. Abhishek puked for another half an hour. Dhruv talked to me and we had a nice laugh over Abhishek's and other guys' condition when they were fully drunk and calling up the babes of their respective classes at 12 in the night. Some even sang for their girls on the phones.
We went to Dhruv's room and had a normal talk. Things went smooth the rest of the year, and then came the legendary trip to Jodhpur. I really enjoyed this trip with the whole of the department. I cannot possibly forget what my other best friend, Diwakar did on the very starting of this trip. Our train journey from Chandigarh to Jodhpur was about 22 hours duration. We boarded at around 10 in the night, and we all went to sleep by 3 in the night after long gossip and chat sessions. Diwakar's berth was near my berth………At 6 in the morning, I see Diwakar is not on his berth. I went looking for him and found him all dressed up with shoes on and he was applying moisturizing cream on his face. I admired him for a moment to be an early riser after going to bed so late in the night. The very next moment, I grabbed my stomach, couldn’t breathe, went running to other guys and laughed my heart out. Our dear friend Diwakar Rastogi thought that we had reached our destination, and he was all dressed up to get down and enjoy. He even asked me to get ready.
On reaching, Jodhpur everything went well for a little fights and pleasant moments. I was placed in a room with Dhruv and Tejinder. The problem with the room was that there was a water cooler in front of it and the door couldn’t be locked. The wind always opened the door. We three guys were always in our chaddis (underwear), and there were these girls who would not stop drinking water and having a peep into our room. One fine day, a girl walked in to our room to have a chat and we realized that she is on the door and we are only in our national dresses…….the underwear. Like trained soldiers, we were in positions within seconds. Dhruv jumped to the rear of the door, I grabbed a pillow to cover and my goods and threw a bedsheet towards tejinder to cover his. It all happened in a matter of seconds and we just couldn’t stop laughing at this and the girl was clueless what happened……….
In one of the other stories about my best friend Dhruv, it was 8th of december, my birthday. I dressed smartly to reach the university as soon as possible to receive birthday wishes. I thought, it should be Dhruv who should wish me first since I am his best friend and he will be making plans to surprise me with a birthday party or gift for me. I went straight to his room where he was with our senior Mr. Doon. Dhruv said hi and went to the bathroom. I realized he is planning to surprise me and acted if nothing has happened. I was singing songs, jumping, playing with bat and ball in his room when doon realized I am extraordinarily happy and well dressed today. It was after an hour spending there and having all types of chats that doon asked me if it is a special occasion. I embarrassingly told him and Dhruv that its my birthday. It was Dhruv's turn to get embarrassed now. That asshole, forgot my birthday inspite of the fact that the very previous day we were talking about it.
In spite of all the funny situations and small fights we had, he remains my best friend till date. I must say he is one of the very few people on this planet who know what is going through my mind. He has always been there for me and I respect him and his thoughts immensely though we are always in conflict. More stories to come ……………………………..

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