Friday, July 11, 2008

penultimate version for the love of diabetes ...........

Keeping this all aside, my seniors were nothing but great. Ragging led us bond even better. Some of the seniors who ragged me very intensely are my best buddies to the day. Though many of my classmates did crack out at the ragging sessions, and I still cannot understand why?

Out of all, university was one place where people never accepted me as a Diabetic. They never believed I am a diabetic, given my extraordinary eating habits and efficiency in whatever I did. This was the place where I got what a diabetic needs the most, acceptance as a normal guy and respect. Someone said, "you grow up best, when everything you need is with you." well, I must say I got everything I ever needed in University. The circle of friends it gave me is something I am willing to die for today. I have spent the finest moments of my life here. Above all, it gave me by better half, the love of my life. I saw her and noticed her for the first time when she was rehearsing for the department's fresher's welcome function. We joined the department in the same year, but she was a couple of years elder. I was in Bachelors course, while she got admitted in the Masters course.

I don’t believe in love at first sight, and hell, I don’t believe in love. To me, love is a very filmy word. I believe in a relationship where you know everything just by a look and don’t need any words to explain. A relationship which is heavenly and exists in a bond that is meant never to be broken. It took me 3 years to get a yes out of her and another 3 years to get a yes out of her parents for our marriage. Finally, we are getting married. When I fell in love, there was no one with me supporting that relationship. I was just walking alone on this road for which I never saw any end. It was just a long road. At least, I never thought anyone is supporting me for this. And then there was, Dhruv Sharma…………………………I don’t have words for this guy. I owe much of my life to him. He is the one and only guy who supported me in this, though he himself was never convinced for this relationship. I remember once I decided along with Aakriti to not to talk to each other and put an end to this as her parents would never agree. We never talked to each other for a week, and I was visibly upset. Dhruv came up and told me that relationships with a strong base, if there is a base at all, can never be broken. He was right, Aakriti and I started talking again and decided to be with each other as long as we have with each other.

Some of our so called best friends were very much with us on our face, but behind our backs they would bitch about me being a diabetic and marrying me is not a very good idea. Aakriti never told me all the names, but I knew. Imagine meeting all these people daily with a smile and knowing what they talk about you. Its not easy.

The biggest strength is always with you. Your will power and the power to prove others wrong. Believe me, there is nothing more satisfying than proving others wrong and doing what you do the best.

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