Thursday, June 19, 2008

Why I love being a Diabetic?? part iv

I survived this :) thankfully, and our team won the match. One of our teammates, Himjeet Singh Bains suffered a wound on his right index finger and he was proudly announced as the man of the match for he shed blood for the team……………..i went to the captain shouting, that it was me who had the biggest sacrifice of all, and we all couldn’t stop laughing. I still laugh alone on this one. Those days will never come back, and this is a regret that 99 per cent of people on this planet have. But what we all never think or care about is that we can make this time ever wonderful and ever magical by doing what we all like and by saying what we all want to. Its good to have memories, but its killing to stay with the memories and not pushing the life ahead. Something I have learnt from Diabetes again :).

I was the kind of guy with a famous tagline "koi chakkar nahi", and this is something I carry with me till date. I have a couple of more stories to tell you. I was always a sportsperson at my heart. In our residential area, all of my friends would gather by a particular place where our dear friend Honey and Bunty stayed. We all would go to the nearest playground and play either football or cricket. There was this guy Varun, we called him Apple for he was the delicate of us all and has the fairest complexion of us all :). While playing, I once pushed him (what we call a shoulder push in football), and he fell and started limping and saying he cant move his arm. I thrashed him like anything and said that behave like a man, don’t be delicate and blah blah……..motivational stuff. The next thing in the morning, I see him with a plaster and his mother looking at me like kicking my ass hard.

We stopped playing football after this and continued with the cricket fever. One of my favorite bowlers, Monu, was bowling and I was on the strike. He bowled and I struck the ball with power, the ball went up high in the air. Monu was directly under it and could have caught me out easily. Just then, we hear a scream………………………….ooooooooyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeee. This was Mohit Goyal, an overenthusiastic guy running to catch the ball from a very long distance. It wasn’t his catch, but he wanted to take every catch and every wicket in the field. He was running towards ball and hence, Monu screaming. And I survived because of him. Why? He hit Monu hard and his open mouth straightaway ate Monu's ear. Next screams belonged to Monu only. I ran up to Monu, had a laugh with other guys on Mohit's behavior and thrashed Monu again for being delicate and that he could not taken a little pain. As again, I was motivating Monu. The next thing, I see Monu in the college with stitches on his ear. That was a bad wound Mohit gave him, and I couldn’t talk to Monu out of embarassment.

I stopped motivating people after that. Ok, I am lying……………the frequency of motivating went low, but I still motivate people to do stuff they are not supposed to. But at the end of the day, they have some sense of achievement and pride, that they survived and this is what life is all about?

When you are a Diabetic, you have to see things differently and most importantly, you have to think about them. My mother always used to tell me something which is there in all our text books. 'whatever happens, happens for the good'. This is something I learnt well, and this is something that changed my life too. People say that I take life too positively, and I would respond saying, ' taking life negatively and blaming someone wont help a thing, instead trying seeing positive and eventually everything turns out positive'. The best thing about this is that you never feel tensed about anything and this is good for a Diabetic, as you stay out of hypertension and live a happy life.

The other day I was interacting with a shopkeeper. I asked for double toned pasteurized milk and he said why would you need it in such a young age. I told him that I am Diabetic and he was surprised and shocked, and then again something that we Diabetics have to learn to cope up with and answer the world in an appropriate manner. He told me everything is bad about being a Diabetic, your life becomes hell, you cant eat properly, and above all his sympathizing tone and the look in his eyes saying 'poor guy'. Many of us would feel like kicking his ass given the opportunity, but I looked at him smiling and having mercy on his soul for his lack of knowledge about this condition. People are dying of Asthma, Cancer, AIDS, accidents, terrorists attacks, weather conditions, rain, cold, and a thousand other odd reasons……………………………..can anyone give an approximate of a rough figure of people dying of Diabetes? This is the question I am looking for an answer to and you all should also.

Let me take a look back at my life, (I know I am going off the timeline, but these things are crossing my mind and I want to pen them down right away). I have a good academic record, a nice job, a healthy life, sugar under control, and my wounds heal easily than a normal person. I am healthy, efficient and performing. If this is something about being a Diabetic, who would not love being a Diabetic? Just name me one thing wrong in my life at this time and blame Diabetes for it. There is none.

Coming back to the timeline, I entered University in a course which most people never knew about and those who knew were of the view that this is academically a below average rated course and the placement after completion is next to zero. It was Anthropology. I liked the discipline from the very first day. All my seniors were hell bent on getting us all out of the course, but we stuck to the cause and stayed. ……



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