Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Many a times, and many a people tried to experiment each and every possible way to cure my Diabetes. Perhaps, I am the only person on this planet who love being a Diabetic. I have learnt so much from this condition that I consider this as a gift from God Almighty. Be a part of my journey and see how and why I fell in love with Diabetes....................................

It’s a long story. Well, here I go. I was diagnosed for diabetes mellitus at an early age of 12, and the doctors put me on insulin. I was an abnormal child. Obese, healthy otherwise. But I would really appreciate my parents over here for being really concerned about their child especially when I wasn’t showing any symptoms of being a diabetic. It was just after I urinated, that a group of ants would come stick to my urine and my mom was careful enough to notice that. They took me to the PGI ( Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research), where doctors would rather do research on unaffected parts of the body than the affected ones…………just to see why the disease has not affected the other part of the body.

I was the seniormost patient over there. Surprised, well the children ward ends at 12 years of age and I was just touching 12………..so I was in the children ward and seniormost patient over there. The trainee assigned to me was Dr. Somnath and Dr. Manju. They both were very nice to me as was the rest of the staff. Being obese was being cute over there……………and I felt like the only one healthy over there as I can walk, I can run, go out of my bed anytime. I always felt like being admitted to the hospital and there I was. I must tell you that it is not a very pleasant place to be in but I managed somehow.

Being a diabetic meant that my blood sugar was to be monitored regularly and which also meant that after every alternate hour a nurse would come with a needle in her hand to take vials of blood out of me. Gradually they realized that I am a good learner and they taught me how to take blood samples. So here I was taking my own blood out of me and giving it to the lab for tests. At that time, blood glucose monitors or glucometers were just introduced in the market and the glucostrips that will be stained with blood for a sugar test were mighty expensive. My parents opted for the expensive, but instantaneous glucostrip tests.

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